Since launching her design career eighteen years ago, Ali Gordon has worked for design firms both large and small, creating innovative marketing pieces for top-tier companies and household names, including McDonalds, Lockheed Martin and Abbott Laboratories. From law firms to fashion designers, real estate associates to charitable organizations and more, Ali’s diverse client experience has helped her to recognize the unique needs of any given industry.

Inspired by the strength and breadth of her design experience, Ali fulfilled a lifelong dream with the creation of *aligordondesigns in 2010. As creative director, she prides herself on consistent, around-the-clock communication, guiding clients toward the right creative solutions for their needs.

Ali utilizes the skills she’s honed over the years, as well as her knowledge of the latest advances in graphic design and marketing, to create materials that are in line with both brand standards and today’s trends. Through her relationships with reliable vendors, she can help you achieve the results you want while remaining within your desired budget and timeframe.

No matter the size of your business, or the complexity of your industry, Ali possesses the talent, experience and understanding to offer engaging creative solutions – with an end result you’ll be proud to share with your customers.

Ali holds a BFA in Visual Communications/Graphic Design from the University of Kansas.